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Searching of Cupcakes for your event?

Cotton Cupcakes was founded by a group of College friends officially on 14 January 2013. All of us share the same interest, which is baking Cupcakes. We came out with an idea to open a cupcake business. Therefore, we named it Cotton Cupcakes.

Cotton Cupcakes was inspired by "Cotton Candy". Just like Cotton Candy, it is soft, sweet and attractive. It will reflect on our cupcakes. Thus, Its is loved by all ages!

This website is designed especially for all of you cupcake-lovers out there. You can learn tips on how to create your own cupcakes and try some recipes that we have provided.

Not only that! There will be cupcakes tutorial posted once per month so do check our website daily!

Don't think twice, let's order now! or sign up to our Cupcakes Baking Classes!

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